Getting the Best Results from Your AdWords Campaigns

When used correctly, AdWords campaigns can massively increase your business’s profits. When used incorrectly, it’s simply a redundant overhead. In order to get the best out of your AdWords campaigns, it’s important that you understand the strategies that work best. Below, we’re going to look at some of the best strategies that you can incorporate in your AdWords campaigns.


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Three Ways to Check Your Website’s Health

Ensuring that your website ranks as highly as possible in an internet search engine can be vital to the success of your business. The entire point of having and utilising a website is to drive potential custom and help to get the word out about your business or company but of course that only works if people are actually getting directed to your website in the first place.


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Website Design Can Be Bad For Business

When a new ecommerce entrepreneur begins with the help of a good agency to create the web pages the one most important and obvious point must be understood and that is to know your target audience.


Then you can start to think about why they should come to you and not one of the thousands of competitors. That’s tricky and if you have no clear reason why they should come to you then save your money and go back to the day job.


If you continue on the journey then the appearance of your website can never be over stated. It has less than a second to attract and keep the viewer so something on the front page must grab their attention and in most cases this is a cool and simple design.

It is essential that a Web design agency London or someone closer to home should become your partner at this stage.



Common mistakes include the less than clear front page information that tells the person looking at your site exactly what is it about you that makes you think they can connect. Ideally you want them to know exactly why you should provide the goods or service and treat them almost as a friend.


Unorganised content is another turn-off and you may be overloading the site with unnecessary information. You might even be so knowledgeable about your product that you write assuming the viewer has the same knowledge or is even remotely interested.

Again, it’s always good to have friends being totally honest about your site and you’ll be surprised to find out how many think it’s too disorganised with too much information. If you want you can always leave a spot for a regular blog that can be accessed at the top or bottom of the page.


If people start reading and commenting on your blogs it’s a sure sign they’re potential or real customers.


The next three common mistakes are usually inter-related and begin with navigational problems. If navigation is difficult then the second error may have occurred and there is too much text.


Too much and too little are one and the same but getting the balance is a fine art.

Digital Marketing And 4 New Trends

In a single word quality is the start and this of course means understanding what makes a great website.


All the best brands have quality and to give a new business a chance to develop their own brand they should be looking to emulate that.


By far and away the decision makers like to find information about a company not by mainstream advertising but quality presentations. If the site looks cheap it’ll show and it’s unlikely to attract any business at all.


Equally a slick video can work wonders so if you want one do not employ your daughter and the cat and film it yourself. Spend as much as you can afford on a professional production.

A Digital agency London also discovered that a good quality video gives consumers the distinct impression that the company can be trusted.


Quality content can help boost search engine rankings and content marketing has to be included in any start-ups budget.


In 2015 the importance of mobile optimization really came to be understood with the whole world now the market 24/7 so optimizing the website for mobile devices is no longer an option; it’s a necessity.


Confusing websites that offer too much information on mobile pages will not impress a user in a hurry so testing out a new site on friends will always get helpful criticism.


Google now place higher value on content over keyword optimization and the days of stuffing these words into blogs no longer fools the algorithms.


It’s hard not to over-emphasise the importance of getting stage one right and that is the web pages. This done well reveals your mission which in turn helps create a brand. A great website that not only looks good must also be maintained to the same high standard.


Social media has also become an integral part of getting across the message and all those different channels should be looked at as you will discover one or more may be one of the best ways of promoting the business.