Three Ways to Check Your Website’s Health

Ensuring that your website ranks as highly as possible in an internet search engine can be vital to the success of your business. The entire point of having and utilising a website is to drive potential custom and help to get the word out about your business or company but of course that only works if people are actually getting directed to your website in the first place.



In today’s market consumers want everything now and it’s almost certain that if a customer is looking for something they aren’t going to be willing to scroll through pages and pages of an internet search engine to find it. Chances are they will only look at the top 2 or 3 results and if you aren’t one of them then you are missing out on a potential sales opportunity.


Ideally, if you really want to make sure your website is having an impact then you need to call in the professionals such as a top SEO Agency In London but in the interim there are a couple of online tools that you can make use of to quickly show how healthy your website is, and perhaps give some indication as to why you aren’t hitting the top ranks on search engines.


Google Webmaster Tools

This is a great resource for checking how your website is performing. Although you have to install Webmaster tools and then step back for a while to allow Google to crawl your site, you will end up with detailed reports about your website’s visibility. You can see where you end up on Google’s pages, whether there were any errors encountered when Google crawled your site (such as links misdirecting to pages which don’t exist anymore, for example), and find out what keywords and search terms people are using to land on your website.


Mobile-Friendly Test

One of the biggest ways in which websites are penalised on search engines is for not being mobile compatible. A recent Google update known as ‘Mobilegeddon’ actually sorted through those pages which were optimised for viewing on a mobile device and those that weren’t, downgrading any it considered not to be suitable for viewing on a smart device. This can have a serious impact for any website which hasn’t been optimised for mobile viewing and with consumers using their mobile phones for internet browsing more often than they use a desktop, you can imagine that the impact of this is significant indeed. A good website design agency should be able to assist you with making the necessary changes.


Marketing Grader

There are several different Graders on the market but HubSpot is a good place to start. In less than a minute it will grade your marketing efforts, taking into account over 30 different factors and then providing your website with a score between 1-100 as well as providing you with a detailed report. You can then analyse this information and see areas which call for improvement.